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Work As An Editor/Writer For YJSR

Why do you want to become an editor/Writer?

By joining YJSR, you will not only improve your STEM knowledge, but you will also raise STEM awareness around the world and inspire other individuals. You will raise your profile by having your work published in an international publication, earn recognition through our social media accounts, and meet students from all around the world who are passionate about STEM!

  • Make a difference in STEM community
  • Build scientific and communication skills
  • Enhance your CV/resume
  • Join a community of youth changemakers
  • Spread awareness on STEM fields all around the world
  • Get volunteer hours, certificates and letter of reccomendation upon request

Positions you can apply for

we currently have two open positions-

  • Writer
  • Editor

Role of Writer

You will work as a volunteer writer and will be in charge of composing articles for publication. It will be your responsibility to-

  • Write at least 1-2 articles per month
  • Raise awareness about STEM fields
  • Use trustworthy sources and data

Role of Editor

You will serve as a volunteer editor and will be responsible for editing articles before they are published. It will be your responsibility to-

  • Examine the article
  • Correct grammatical errors
  • Make suggestions for improvements
  • Verify the content


Can I list this on my resume?

Yes! You can list it under as working for a student-run publication.

How many articles do I have to edit?

We send about 1-2 articles per month to every editor.

How many articles do i have to write?

You have to write atleast 1-2 articles every month.

Is there a deadline for submission?

Yes, there is a deadline for submitting the amended content for the editor; however, you can request an extension at any time. If you are a writer, you may submit your articles at any time, but you must submit at least one article per month.

When should I apply?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so there is no hard deadline. If you have any other questions, please email us at